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Hayley McDonnell


Hayley-Louise McDonnell is a poet from Dublin. Her work is inspired by an ever changing relationship with herself and the world around her. Navigating through mental illness, internalizing current affairs and injustices with bursts of ebullient and sentimental tones through an otherwise pessimistic lens, Hayley usually writes with a sombre tone hoping for levity to break through the cracks.




I once knew a city, vibrant and bright.

Maser on walls, exploding at night.

Singers of plenty, talent of more.

She locked down her city, shutdown the doors.

Shes lying in wait, to come back alive.

Each small little business, each social beehive.

It starts with one person, keeping that spark.

It stems from this city, her passion, her heart.

A warmth in us all, each howiyeh, ya well?

Each cold pint of Guinness, or »did ye see the new Tony Cantwell?«

Dreaming of beer gardens, under dressed, poxy bitter.

Dreaming of shouting here youngfella go bricker.

A charm like no other, it runs through us all, in unison we stand, we wont let her fall.

Our streets feel less empty, our favourite places less bare.

Our city is stirring, we're on our way there.

Her fire hasn't left, the spark still ignites, awaiting our return to take back the night.