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Dan Irwin


Dan Irwin’s work explores the power and effect of colour. Colour has an energy which he can feel, communicate and transfer to the viewer through both his studio practice and public mural work. Dan is experimenting with the way that colour vibrates as if it was a living energy, changing the mood or atmosphere.

Colour excites the eye as well as the imagination. It can interrupt the dull routine and greyness of everyday life and distract the viewer in a positive and optimistic way. When he is working with colour on a large scale piece, Dan forgets about the world and everything else. Only using his feelings and senses to guide him through the work.

This is the same process with his screen prints and studio work. As he tries to figure out what is happening while he is making work, using a complex arrangement of shape, pattern and colour. Dan imagines that the viewer will pause and take the time to try and answer the same question.