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Crónán Creagh is an Irish photographer and director based in Amsterdam. With a BA in Music Production from Windmill Lane and several years’ experience in film, his work explores topics of a diverse range, a personal aesthetic and emotional narratives, through the medium of photography, film and art installation.

»Growing up in a household with issues surrounding addiction, you never really understand what is 'normal'. You are placed in a dynamic that stems from a single thought, and it is all you can relate too. Forever trying to manage yourself and your environment. Still living in my family home, Covid-19 brought the entire world to a stand-still, giving way to stresses and demands of daily life and replacing them with new ones. New boundaries, a new way of thinking and cause for adaption. 

The relief of daily demands enabled our home to feel free. What is difficult becomes endurable, what you spend more of your energy ignoring becomes manageable and the feelings you would usually avoid you start to explore. 
What would be considered the old normal to most is my new normal; my parents spending time with each other, walking to the local park, sitting out in the sun and chatting. They never wore their wedding bands, now they do.

The temporary closure of external stresses has influenced relationships, giving that small but significant mental space to allow for regular things to happen. My relationship with my parents; eating together and doing laundry while chatting, usually done in silence or as quickly as possible. My relationship with my brother; moments to observe, laugh, talk about getting older and chatting to neighbours. My relationship with my girlfriend, who was able to move in because things are good now. Connections that before were actively dismissed are now part of my day. 

I am deeply saddened by how the coronavirus has affected everyone. But gratefully, I have enjoyed nearly every day of it, appreciating the normal stuff.«