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Conor O’Hara


Currently studying Product Design as a mature student Conor holds love and appreciation for all forms of creativity, whether he is directly involved or admiring from afar.

Being a part of this project allowed Conor to challenge myself in a way that he has rarely done previously. Writing a short piece that pulls little memories of summers gone by and imagined memories of others was a lovely buzz and has encouraged him to perhaps write more.








On the Linker green you’ll spot small flowers some of

which determine how fond you are of butter.

empty line

You’ll find out off Claire before picking up the

Herald from Sweeney’s for himself.

Do you remember robbin’ a few cola bottles off the counter,

first thing I thought of when I got to the shop.

empty line

Home again, guess who’s asleep in their chair?

»Aw God, that’s awful terrible Maria, and did you keep the receipt?«

an out of tune and slightly pained sounding Joe Duffy

a little too loud for liking in the background.

empty line

Tea? Go on.

Rustling in cupboards wakes the dead.

Did you hear Mary’s Damien has your one pregnant?

No way.

Did you hear they're hiring in the post office?


empty line

Enough of that.

See who fancies a pint?

empty line


The usual story, the bar is a trough, lined up with old cattle feeding.

Various feint grunts indicate displeasure or occasionally, approval.

empty line

The lounge is completely barren.

empty line

The boys are in the smoking area.

00.00 and that phone call has been made, you’re back to Baz’s back

gaf fighting over the auxiliary cable.

empty line

There tearing new ones for people.

empty line

Even if on the receiving end.

The deeper the cut the more you find yourself at home.